Seven Ways Dental Implants Benefit Oral Facial Health

Seven Ways Dental Implants Benefit Oral Facial Health

Dental implants are used to replace teeth in a permanent way. When taken care of, they can last a lifetime. They can be used to replace teeth that are lost due to any reason like injury, decay or disease. You have to be an older teen or adult to take advantage of this dental treatment because you must have a fully mature jaw bone.

Three million people in the U.S. have dental implants. A number which is growing by 500,000 people each year, according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Implants stand alone as a treatment for tooth replacement because it is the only remedy that not only preserves the patient’s jaw but helps boost bone growth.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants begin with an artificial tooth root placed in the jawbone which bonds to your jaw. This becomes the base for an abutment which is placed on the implant and will be used to attach the crown which will be created to match your surrounding teeth in size and color.

If you have multiple missing teeth or need dentures, an excellent treatment plan is the All on 4 plan allowing your oral surgeon to replace multiple teeth at one time. At Desert Valley Oral Surgery, Dr. Hansen will evaluate your teeth to determine how many implants you will need. If multiple teeth are missing, you may qualify for the All on 4 as your treatment plan to replace teeth.

Compared to dentures, implants are much more like real teeth. Dental implants are stationary where dentures can be removed as well as shift or loosen. Here are seven important benefits:

Quality Oral Health

This tooth replacement plan not only leaves your other teeth in place, it strengthens your jaw, improving your oral health. Dental implants are also easier to brush and floss than dentures, which is key to excellent oral health. The implants are also highly durable, often lasting a lifetime if well cared for on a regular basis.

All on 4Attractive Appearance

Dental implants are like your own teeth in their appearance and feel. They fuse with your jaw and are permanent. This is great for a confident smile.

Clear Speech

There is no slipping or movement with dental implants. Your speech can be distinct and clear without worrying about your teeth.

Daily Comfort

Dental implants will feel the same as your natural teeth. This is a great benefit and they should be cared for with dedicated oral hygiene which will not only guarantee they last well but it will help keep your natural teeth healthy.

Stress Free Eating

Implants behave like your natural teeth, so eating will be stress free. You can continue to eat your favorite foods without worrying about the pain or issues you were experiencing before implants.

Boost to self-esteem

Dental implants immediately give you a boost. You are able to smile, laugh and speak without the concern of loose teeth or holes from missing teeth.

Long-term convenience

With dental implants, you have a permanent solution to missing or loose teeth. You also won’t have to worry about possible embarrassing inconveniences of dentures.

Desert Valley Oral Surgery Is Here For Your Dental Implant Needs

It is important when you have a loose tooth or a missing tooth that you are evaluated immediately. Neither issue will resolve by themselves. It is necessary for your oral health that you have a treatment plan so that you won’t suffer from bone loss, decay or disease stemming from your loose or missing teeth.

If you want to know more about your options for replacing a tooth or multiple teeth, please contact us to discuss a treatment plan at Desert Valley Oral Surgery: 480-539-6420.




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  • November 12, 2020
    Afton Jackson

    Your points about free eating and clear speech and how dental implants can help restore those things to you really helped to read. Missing a couple of teeth after an accident can be devastating and at times even life-changing, so I was looking for ways that I can restore these normal functions to me. Dental implants sound like the way to go, so as early as now, I’ll look for any dentists I can talk to and have them get me what I need.

  • March 28, 2021
    Afton Jackson

    My favorite part of your article was definitely the part that talked about stress-free eating. Something that I’ve been struggling with since I lost one of my molar teeth was being able to eat the food that I usually crave when I want to de-stress. If I can find a dental implant expert in the area, I’ll make sure I have them do some treatment for me so I can eat whatever I want again.

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