All On 4

“All on 4”, “Teeth in a Day”, or Implant-Supported Hybrid procedures

In recent years, state-of-the-art technology has made it possible to replace all of the teeth with placement of only a few dental implants, along with a computer-designed prosthesis. Many names have been made for this procedure, including “all on 4”, “teeth in a day”, and others. In just a few appointments with Dr. Hansen, patients can have a beautiful new smile, and can once again eat the foods they love, for much lower cost than before. Call Desert Valley Oral Surgery today about our competitive pricing for implant-supported hybrid procedures.

Benefits of “All on 4” or “Teeth-in-a-day”All on 4

Traditionally, patients needing replacement of all of their teeth could require ten or more implants per jaw. With an implant-supported hybrid, half the number of implants can completely restore chewing and beautiful smiling. Better yet, patients can receive a temporary, implant-supported prosthesis the day of the surgery, for a beautiful smile the same day. This is often done in as few as two appointments by our oral surgeon, with minimal or no bone grafting or waiting. Best of all, a hybrid prosthesis can completely restore a patient’s ability to chew and enjoy their favorite foods, without the shifting, looseness, and bone loss common with traditional dentures.

The procedure

For placement of an implant-supported hybrid prosthesis, a minimum of 4 implants, placed strategically, can support the new teeth. In most cases, Dr. Hansen will place one or two additional implants to improve stability of the teeth. If the patient needs teeth removed at the time of the surgery, this is generally included in the cost of the procedure, along with adjusting the level of the jaw bone, bone grafting, and anesthesia. In most cases, after placement of 4 or 5 dental implants, a temporary denture, held in place by the implants can be delivered at the same time, giving the patient a beautiful smile the very same day.

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