A Patient’s Guide to Wisdom Tooth Extraction Queen Creek AZ

wisdom tooth extraction queen creek az

A Patient’s Guide to Wisdom Tooth Extraction Queen Creek AZ | Dental Implants Queen Creek

Are you or your child a candidate for wisdom teeth extraction?  Only a board certified oral surgeon, such as Dr. Donovan Hansen, is qualified to answer that question, but here’s some general information you should know about wisdom tooth extraction Queen Creek AZ. 

oral doctorWhat are Wisdom Teeth?

Dentists call them third molars.  These teeth emerge during late teens to early twenties.  Thus, third molars long ago received the name ‘wisdom’ to coincide with their emergence in young adulthood.

Third molars may take a long time to develop.  They must enter a mouth already crowded with teeth.  The jaw is, of course, fully formed.  This means the tooth has to work to make a place for itself behind the second molars at the back of the mouth.

Scientists have determined that these teeth were more important when the human diet consisted of roots and other hard-to-chew edibles. Of course, that diet has changed.  Over thousands and thousands of years, the jaw grew smaller, but third molars haven’t gone away.

Do We Need Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are useful if they don’t cause problems. Dentists want third molars to come in straight.  If they do, they won’t crowd the other teeth, causing healthy teeth to shift and overlap.  On the other hand, many wisdom teeth cause problems that can be avoided with early removal.  At this point, dentists tend to see a need for removal.

Why do Dentists and Orthodontists Recommend Removal?

The family dentist may recommend a visit to an oral doctor to determine if your or your child’s wisdom teeth need to be removed.  With so little room, third molars often cause problems. They grow in crooked. They cause a gum infection. Dentists want to protect healthy patients from these problems in the future.  Their concerns include:

  • Impacted tooth
  • Infection
  • Damage to adjacent molar(s)
  • Jaw issues
  • Long term damage to healthy teeth due to teeth crowding

Orthodontists often recommend removing wisdom teeth because they cause crowding.  Third molars often push teeth together.  If a person had braces, it can ruin all of the hard work that’s been done to straighten the teeth.  At this point, it is cost-effective to have the wisdom teeth removed rather than risk reversing the progress made by expensive braces.  Orthodontist concerns include:

  • Teeth crowding
  • Jaw issues
  • During braces: Interference with orthodontic goals
  • After braces: ruining straight teeth

How Does a Tooth Become Impacted?

The human mouth would have 28 teeth without the third molars.  When the four new teeth come  in, the human jaw is often too small to accomodate them.  This may mean there is no space for the tooth to emerge.  This tooth is impacted, stuck in the gum.  This can cause pain and infection.

In extreme cases, an impacted wisdom tooth can cause such an infection that it becomes dangerous to the patient’s health.  This may result in an unplanned and expensive emergency surgery.

oral surgeon near meHow to Decide When to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

At Desert Valley Oral Surgery, Dr. Hansen will review a panorex view of your mouth and jaws.  This special full-mouth x-ray can show the position of the third molars.  With this information, it is easy to predict which ones will emerge easily and which ones will most likely become impacted.

In teens and young adults, removing third molars before they emerge is the only surefire way to prevent problems.  If you want more information about wisdom teeth Queen Creek AZ parents can talk to the knowledgeable staff at Desert Valley Oral Surgery. Dr. Hansen treats each patient as an individual and will recommend extraction only if science supports this approach.

For sure, there are patients who didn’t have the advantage of wisdom teeth extraction when they were younger.  It is certainly possible to remove third molars at any age, if they are causing a problem. Adults who want to learn more about wisdom teeth extraction Queen Creek AZ should make an appointment with our office to learn more.

Why Choose an Oral Surgeon Near Me?

Removing a wisdom tooth requires oral surgery rather than regular dentistry.  This is because the procedure involves more than the tooth. It involves the jaw bone.  Only a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon has the education, skill and certification to do the job.

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