Health Reasons Older Adults May Need Wisdom Teeth Removed

Most people think of having your wisdom teeth removed as something you do when you are a teenager. It is true that a majority of people who have their wisdom teeth removed are between the ages of 17 and 25. Five million people in the U.S. have their wisdom teeth removed annually according to the American Dental Association.

Even though that is a massive number of teeth removed annually, many adults still make it to adulthood with their wisdom teeth intact. Sometimes it is just one wisdom tooth, but can be up to four total. As people with intact third molars age, they may have dental problems due to these extra teeth. As an older patient, you have to weigh out the issues you are having with the possible complications of having your wisdom teeth removed.

Signs you may need to make an appointment to discuss your wisdom teeth:

wisdom toothTooth And Jaw Pain – When you still have your wisdom teeth, they can be fine for years without any issue. If you are having tooth and jaw pain, it may be a sign that your wisdom teeth need attention. The pain can come from pressure on the nerves or cavities. At Desert Oral Surgery, we can determine if your wisdom teeth are the cause of your pain and if removal is needed.

Decaying Teeth – Wisdom teeth can be difficult to clean. They can cause crowding making flossing and brushing less effective. This can lead to cavities which can cause significant decay. Sometimes taking out the wisdom teeth will save other teeth around them.

Recurring Infections – Your wisdom teeth can come in partially, creating a pocket along the gum near your wisdom tooth. Filling with bacteria, plaque and food, the pockets can become infected and spread that infection to other teeth and gums. Not only can this be very serious, it can enter your bloodstream causing serious health issues.

Health Issues – If you have gum disease, it can affect your wisdom teeth and be cause for concern. Gum disease affects much more than just your mouth, teeth and jaw. There is a connection between gum disease and other illnesses like heart disease. Experts don’t know at this time if one causes the other but they know they are linked and can cause increased health risks. Sometimes these factors can lead to the decision to remove your wisdom teeth.

Why Older Patients Should Consider Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Pain is what may bring you to visit us at Desert Valley Oral Surgery, but there are much more serious issues at stake. There is infection to consider, damage to healthy teeth and oral health issues. These in turn may lead to other dental issues like loose or crooked teeth requiring more dental work and this does not address the possibilities of links to other problematic health issues like heart disease and diabetes.


When your dentist refers you for evaluation for wisdom teeth issues, no matter your age, we are happy to help. The quicker you contact us, the better it will be for your oral health!

If you want to know more about your options for having your adult wisdom teeth removed, please get in touch with us to discuss a treatment plan at Desert Valley Oral Surgery: Contact us online or by phone at 480-539-6420.



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