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Understanding the Reasons for Wisdom Teeth Extraction Gilbert AZ | Guide to Dental Implants Gilbert AZ 

Why is it so common for people to have their wisdom teeth removed?  This practice is needed for a variety of reasons.  If you are trying to decide whether the time is right for wisdom teeth extraction Gilbert AZ, maybe this guide will help.

For further information, talk to the knowledgeable team at Desert Valley Oral Surgery.  Dr. Donovan Hansen, Board certified oral surgeon, can consult with you about your particular case.

Why are Wisdom Teeth Wise?

Third molars, as dentists call them, are the last teeth to develop.  Usually they don’t break the surface of the gums until a person is in their mid to late teens.  As such, the teeth became known as wisdom teeth, a sign of adulthood.

The human mouth has 28 teeth until these four teeth emerge.  Unlike the rest of a person’s teeth, wisdom teeth take a long time to reach their full size.  Often the teen’s mouth is too fully formed to allow for the addition of these molars.  Third molars sometimes come in sideways, jamming into the second molars. If there is space, they push through and shove the second molars as they do it. This sets off a chain reaction in which the teeth push and overlap.

oral surgeon gilbert azDo People Need Wisdom Teeth?

A healthy tooth is always welcome, if there’s room for it.  However, the human jaw is no longer what it was when wisdom teeth were needed.  Our distant ancestors subsisted on hard-to-chew edibles such as roots and tough meat.  As the human diet changed, the jaw didn’t need to be so big, and now we have more teeth than there is space in our mouth.

If third molars are coming in straight without causing a crowding problem, then they are welcome. However, x rays often show that there isn’t room for wisdom teeth.  X rays may show that the developing tooth is already headed in the wrong direction, pushing against the second molars at a bad angle.

Dentists watch their teenage patients for signs of these problems.  Then they may refer them to an oral surgeon Gilbert AZ for wisdom teeth evaluation and possible removal.

Why Would a Dentist Recommend Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Dentists aren’t just concerned with cavities.  They watch over the child’s mouth health. One crooked tooth may not be a big deal, but if the wisdom teeth are coming in sideways, it’s worth pursuing removal.  Dentists worry about what will happen if the wisdom tooth is allowed to push through at a crooked angle.  This can cause an impacted tooth.

An impacted tooth is stuck under the gum. Infection soon follows.  In extreme cases, this has led to death.  Fortunately, there are antibiotics to stop the infection and board certified oral surgeons to remove the impacted tooth.

Even if the teeth haven’t reached the impaced stage, a dentist may be worried about damage to the second molars.  Then there are jaw issues from the crowded conditions in the back of the mouth caused by extra teeth.  Finally, there can be long term damage to the second molars and other teeth because the mouth is too crowded.  Dentists make a referral to an oral doctor to help patients avoid these problems later in life.

Why Would an Orthodontist Recommend Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Orthodontists are also concerned about wisdom teeth because their job is to straighten their patient’s teeth.  Wisdom teeth can emerge and undo all of the hard work that has been done by expensive braces.  For many parents, that makes it cost effective to choose wisdom tooth extraction Gilbert AZ.

Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer.  However, most teens do benefit from wisdom teeth extraction.  Many adults come to our practice because they didn’t have the advantage of wisdom teeth removal as teens.  They want to relieve overcrowding in their mouths and spare themselves from the dangers of impacted wisdom teeth Gilbert AZ.  Of course, if you have an impacted wisdom tooth, the answer is an unqualified yes.

The team at Desert Valley Oral Surgery will take a panorex x ray of the patient’s mouth. Using this surround-view,  Dr. Donovan Hansen can advise you on what’s best for you or your teen.

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