I would like to express my appreciation to Dr. Hansen, who helped not only professionally but also with his kindness.

Made me feel safe, relaxed and secure, trust him totally. I felt nothing, it was over before I knew it began, Thank you, Donovan.

I was in and out super fast they really know how to get things done quick!

I used to be scared of going to see my oral surgeon but now I’m not. Desert Valley Oral Surgery has nice helpful friendly staff that makes my visit less stressful.

I just want to say thank you to Dr. Hansen and his entire staff! I don’t remember all their names… but they were all great! I had to have a previously root canaled tooth extracted and bone graft (for a bridge) after the crown on it fell off and part of the tooth with it. I was very nervous and kept putting off the appointment. I am so glad I went… I had very little pain that night, (not even enough to take a pain reliever) The next day, I had NO pain at all, so I have to keep reminding myself I had dental work done and not eat on that side of my mouth. Later that night we had a message from Dr. Hansen, that if I had any problems to give him a call. I have never had any dentist do that (and I am old ..been to many dentists, lol) My husband and myself were very impressed by that. Thank you! 

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