Is it Possible to Get New Teeth in an Hour

No one wants to live with missing teeth, including those who are having their teeth replaced with dental implants. Fortunately, the system uses All on 4 implants that make the procedure much faster. It can take as little as an hour in surgery. Teeth in an hour are possible with the advancements in implant dentistry today.

How do patients get teeth in an hour replacements?

At our clinic, Dr. Hansen utilizes the All-on-4 method to replace top or bottom teeth. There is still a need for long-term healing, but the four dental implants can be placed in the current bone. This can eliminate the need for a bone graft, which would need time to heal.

These special abutments allow temporary teeth to be added at the same time. While the gum tissues heal, your diet will be limited to ensure that upper or lower teeth implants become truly bonded with your bone, just like the natural tooth root would have been. At six months, any dietary restrictions will be lifted. Dr. Hansen will talk with you about which foods to avoid during this interval.

lower teeth implantsHow much do teeth in a day implants cost?

This is a difficult question to answer because each patient is different. A full set of dental implants cost more than a set of dentures, but the dental implants are far less likely to fail in a person’s lifetime. If your teeth are healthy enough for teeth in a day implants, it is definitely less costly than if other surgery is needed.

How long do dental implants last?

The great thing about dental implants is that they can last from 15 years to 25 years. For some, they’ll last a lifetime. They look and operate like real teeth. With proper care and oral hygiene, you may never need another implant procedure. If you compare this to the need to replace dentures in as little as eight years, you can see how a teeth in an hour procedure pays for itself in the long run.

How Many Teeth Can be Done this Way?

As long as your jaw bone is healthy, you can do multiple teeth or even a whole arch at a time. Our goal is to get you on your way and back to a normal life with as few follow-ups as possible. If you have healthy teeth, you only need to have implants for the damaged ones. This can shorten the process even further. It’s not like dentures where all of the teeth must be pulled.

Are You a Candidate for All-on-4?

If you have a healthy jaw, chances are good that you are a candidate for All-on-4 teeth in a day. Extensive X-rays and examination are needed to be sure. It’s essential that the bone have no deterioration if the procedure is going to be successful.

Can teeth extraction be done the same day as the implants?

In some cases, extraction can be included at the same time as the implants. You’ll need to talk to the Desert Valley team about this possibility.

What if I have Jaw Deterioration?

The good news for our patients is that Dr. Hansen has expertise when it comes to all types of jaw surgeries. He will use this knowledge to counsel you about jaw issues and make corrections by surgery if it will make a difference in your implant outcomes.

What about Gum Disease?

Gum disease will need to be corrected and cured before implants. Dr. Hansen can talk to you about how this problem can lead to implant failure and how to get healthy enough for implants.

You are invited to call for an appointment to discuss the possibility of teeth in an hour. If it’s too late to call, you can leave us an online message. Dr. Donavan Hansen is a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

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