Teeth in a Day: Enjoy Your New Teeth Right Away

Getting implant-supported dentures means saying goodbye to tooth aches, an incomplete smile and worries about bone loss. Without a better option, it could also mean waiting months or even a year before you got to enjoy your new dentures. Luckily, you don’t have to wait. Teeth in a Day is an great option that lets you go home with dentures the day of your extraction or implantation procedure, no wait required.

teeth in a dayWhat Are “Teeth In A Day” Dentures?

Dental procedures leading up to denture placement can be extensive. Implant surgeries can cause long-term swelling. Bone grafting fills in and alters the shape of your jaw. Tooth extraction reduces overall bulk and change the shape of your gums. All of these factors will be in flux for an average of 9 to 16 months while your mouth heals. Because dentures are custom made to fit your mouth, your oral surgeon can’t make your permanent dentures until he’s confident you’ve healed completely and your palate has achieved its final shape.

Teeth in a Day dentures are temporary, custom made, acrylic dentures that you wear while your mouth heals following implantation procedures. Before your implant surgery, your oral surgeon will take a mold of your jaw and have dentures crafted to suit potential swelling and other needs. Just like permanent dentures, you’ll be allowed to choose the shade you want your temporary teeth to be.

What’s the Difference Between Temporary and Permanent Dentures?

Temporary and permanent dentures are both molded to your mouth and made from materials like acrylics and plastics. Temporary dentures look fantastic and keep your smile functional and full while you heal. Your permanent dentures will look and perform even better. They’ll be made from higher grade materials, show a higher caliber of overall craftsmanship and have an even more natural appearance.

The biggest difference will be the fit. As your mouth heals, the fit of your temporary denture will change significantly. Your oral surgeon will use a specialized material called reline to fill in the gaps and keep your temporary denture as comfortable as possible. The more reline your temporary denture needs, the bulkier it will feel in your mouth.

Your permanent denture will be made from fresh molds of your mouth, and you’ll again to choose the shade your dentures will be. When it arrives, you’ll notice an instant difference in the way it feels in your mouth. It will be sleeker and more comfortable to both wear and chew with.

How Quickly Can I Get My Temporary Denture?

Your temporary denture will be put in on the same day as your implantation procedure. It takes just two to three weeks for most temporary dentures to be crafted. For some people, this could mean getting a consultation at the beginning of the month and having a temporary denture by the end of the month. For others, the process can be longer.

Our teeth support the surrounding bone in our jaw. If you’ve been missing teeth for quite some time, it’s likely you’ve experienced bone loss. Dental implants need strong, full bone to anchor to. Bone grafting might be necessary to replace the missing bone and give your implants a firm foundation. In a bone grafting procedure, a small amount of “seed” material, like your own bone, is powdered and packed with a catalyst into the gaps in your jaw. Your body latches onto the seed material and starts filling in the area. In some cases, the area is packed and an implant is placed at the same time.

In the past, extensive bone grafting was often necessary for people with moderate to severe bone loss. Today, a new procedure called “All-On-Four” can reduce your need for grafting.

What Is All-On-Four?

All-On-Four is Desert Valley’s favorite procedure to pair with immediate denture services because it gets our patients the smile they want faster. All-On-Four can support an entire upper or lower denture on just four implants each. Using extensive scans of your jaw and digital imaging, we can find the perfect spot to place your implants to minimize or eliminate the need for bone grafting.

This new method allows for reduced costs, faster recovery and less time between your first consultation and you getting your dentures. An All-On-Four patient eligible for Teeth In a Day will have extraction, minimal grafting, implantation and temporary denture placement performed in just one appointment.

All-On-Four procedures are usually covered by dental insurance plans, and Desert Valley works with over 40 different dental insurance plans. Our office can give you a hand finding out if your insurance will cover it.

Same-day dentures are an incredible option for people looking for a way to reclaim the form and function of their mouth right away. For more information, give Desert Valley Oral Surgery a call today.


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