What are the Dangers of Wisdom Teeth Queen Creek AZ?

As you know, wisdom teeth Queen Creek AZ are the last teeth to come into the adult mouth.  This usually happens in the late teens and early twenties. There’s some confusion about whether wisdom teeth are good or bad.

It’s true that not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed. However, there are indications that many people will avoid problems if these third-year molars are removed.

These problems can occur at any time after wisdom teeth form. This means that adults who never had their wisdom teeth removed may have trouble later in life.

Wisdom Teeth AZDangerous Cyst Threatens Wisdom Teeth Gilbert AZ

Cysts can form in the mouth whenever there is a pocket of air between bone, including the teeth themselves, and gum.  Some 20 percent of these cysts are dentigerous cysts. This type forms between an unerupted wisdom tooth and the gum.  It may be right over the tooth or it may be near it to the side.

A cyst can be very painful. Often this is an indication that it has been building up for a while.  Pain may indicate an infection, which will need to be treated with an antibiotic before intervention.  If it gets very large, it may be harder to heal when removed.  Whether it hurts or not, the best solution is to have an oral surgeon remove the cyst.

A dentigerous cyst can displace other teeth, moving them out of alignment.  This pressure on the second molar is dangerous in another way as well.  The cyst may slowly destroy the second molar root, forcing it to be reabsorbed by the body. Then there’s nothing to hold the second molar in the mouth..

In worst case scenarios, a wisdom tooth cyst can lead to oral cancer. Fortunately these cases are extremely rare.  Your oral surgeon can test the cyst to make sure no cancer is present.

How to Find and Treat a Dentigerous Cyst

Often this type of cyst cannot be seen. It must be uncovered by a panoramic radiograph.  This special x-ray technique is used by many dentists and orthodontists today.  Occasionally the patient may feel or see a rounded bump in the back of their mouth around the second molar.

If a cyst is discovered, it must be drained by an oral surgeon.  In some cases, the oral surgeon will allow it to heal naturally. In others, a bone product may be recommended to encourage faster growth. These methods allow bone to regrow in the spot where it had disintegrated.

Generally treatment only requires one surgical intervention. After that, follow up visits are needed to ensure that the procedure has accomplished its goal.

Should You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

The best way to avoid a dentigerous cyst is to have your third molars removed in your late teens.  Adults who still have their wisdom teeth should make sure that their dentist is watching for the eruption of these and other cysts.

Wisdom teeth removal has other advantages. It reduces crowding in the mouth.  Teeth that have been straightened won’t get pushed back together.

If you have a dentigerous cyst or want to talk about having your wisdom teeth removed, call Desert Valley Oral Surgery.  Our goal is to help you have a healthy, happy mouth.  Call 480-539-6420 in the Gilbert area or 480-.655-5400 if you live in or near Queen Creek.





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