What is the Difference between Regular and Hybrid Dentures?

If you are considering dentures, you need to get more information about hybrid dentures Queen Creek AZ.  These are also called denture implants or permanent denture implants.   This approach to teeth replacement is a longer-lasting solution. It is also a healthier solution. We’ll explain why.

What is a Hybrid Denture?

Hybrid dentures combine artificial teeth with surgical implants. In this case, it is when the All on 4 method of implanting is used.  Dr. Hansen does this often in his surgery.  Senior citizens, and occasionally younger patients, need new teeth.  Permanent denture implants are a smart solution.

Hybrid dentures draw on lessons from the past to create a more permanent solution today.  The oral surgeon implants a device, such as an all on 4, into the patient’s healthy jawbone.  A set of teeth, much like dentures, are added.  However, unlike dentures, these are screwed into place. They do not have to be removed for cleaning.

Instead the hybrid dentures are considered permanent.  Generally, patients simply return to the dentist for cleaning and occasional x-rays.  That’s it.  There’s no taking them out and soaking them.  There’s no chance of them slipping.  Food can’t get wedged between the denture and gum, forcing you to remove them. For that matter, they are so permanent that the wearer couldn’t remove the hybrid dentures if they tried.

denture implantsWhy are Hybrid Dentures (Implants) Healthier than Regular Dentures?

Regular dentures are simply fitted to the bare gums.  Hybrid dentures (all on 4 implants) are surgically implanted.  These become like teeth roots, improving the jaw’s strength.  A strong jaw is less likely to decay.

When a jaw does decay, regular dentures soon stop fitting. This leads to a difficult decision. Do you replace the dentures or just keep wearing ill-fitted ones?  Furthermore, a decaying jaw may require a surgical fix to ensure it doesn’t become a health problem.

Regular dentures generally must be replaced within five or ten years.  Hybrid dentures can be relied upon for a much longer time period. They are permanent denture implants, after all.

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